Joint call for a higher budget for EU science

Discussions regarding the budget for Horizon Europe – the EU’s 7-year research and innovation funding programme – are coming to a close. A lower investment than hoped for is looking more and more likely due to an unfavourable geo-political situation. This will have some direct and dire consequences on European Research, and hence our capacity for innovation.

As representatives of the European Chemistry community, we should be alarmed at this turn of events, and do our utmost to convince decisionmakers to reassess their position and to demonstrate to them the crucial importance science plays across social, political and economic levels.

EuChemS would like to invite you to join and sign-up to the campaign launched by the ISE (Initiative for Science in Europe) to put pressure on EU governments and the EU institutions to maintain an ambitious vision for EU research funding. Letters and a petition for you and your community to sign will be made available and will be directly sent to governments and be publicly advertised on EU and national outlets to give it high visibility. We strongly believe that it is our responsibility, as representatives of the scientific community in Europe, to speak out in a concerted manner for a Europe that values and believes in science, research and innovation.

You can read more about the campaign to advocate for a higher Horizon Europe budget here:

You can sign-up directly to the campaign here: