Member services and perks

Involvement in the Czech Chemistry Society, a member of the Association of Czech Chemistry Societies, EuCheMS, ECTN-A and ČSVTS, brings individual chemists more than just membership in the largest and oldest Czech professional organization of chemists (est. 1866). In addition to this it brings:


globally recognized membership in one of the oldest professional chemistry organizations in the world; the opportunity to engage, through work and communication, with one of the local or specialized branches of CCS and their contacts, information, services, opportunities, applications and the like,

access to services and discounts provided by members of the EuCheMS organization for members of national organizations,

the possibility of associate membership in IUPAC, and resulting discount from Blackwell Publishing and conferences sponsored by IUPAC. IUPAC members receive the magazine, Chemistry International,

the possibility of applying for membership to, and obtaining recommendations to, major foreign chemical societies (RSC, ACS, GDCh, Goch, SFC, etc.),


the opportunity to attend our national conventions, which are held annually, one in Slovakia and one in the Czech Republic, with a significant discount for members,


the opportunity to receive, for free, the so-called quarterly “bulletin issue” of the journal Chemické listy in printed or electronic form,

the opportunity to receive Member’s Notices concerning the most important events and news, which comes in the form of a quarterly email,

free access to the magazine for members: ChemViews (, which is co-owned by CCS, and which can be accessed even on your mobile phone and similar devices,

member information about new books, products and services as well as upcoming professional events around the world,

information about what is happening in European organisations, such as EuCheMS, ECTN, EC2E2N and others,

access to companies specialising in electronic information media,

free access to print versions of the European ChemPubSoc journals in the “CCS library” which, following agreement with Charles University, Prague has been set up at the Library of Chemistry (housed in Hlavova 8/2030, Praha 2, Albertov, ground floor, in rooms 148, 149 and 150),


the opportunity to participate in grant-assisted projects with European partners, such as ECTN, and similar partner national societies,


the opportunity to order a subscription to the journal Chemické listy with a significant discount,

substantial discounts on registration fees at congresses and conferences organised by CCS,

a significant reduction (around 90%) to the subscription fee to Chemistry – A European Journal, and other European journals from the ChemPubSoc Europe consortium, which is co-owned by CCS,

access to services and discounts provided to members of national organizations by the EuCheMS organisations,

the possibility of obtaining, on occasion, discounts from businesses cooperating with CCS,

a discount (35%) when renting a car with Avis and Hertz worldwide, except for Australia, and the use of these cars at events in the Czech Republic at special rates,

a 20% discount on publication fees in the journal ChemOpenChem, which the Society is a co-owner of.


the opportunity to apply for European validation of education and training in chemistry associated with the title EurChem, valid throughout the EU,


the opportunity to put information gained from your own activities (results, news, advertising, press releases, etc.) to better use, the opportunity to post in the “jobseekers” section in the Bulletin of the journal Chemické listy and many other similar services, which are currently under discussion.


Companies, enterprises, institutions and other legal entities are offered the opportunity of, among other things, the service known as “collective membership”. This involves an agreement which may be negotiated to the mutual benefit and satisfaction of both parties. Details on request.